KFV Consulting

Led by Ella NilaKanthi Ford (Kanthi), KFV will support you in shifting your culture. 

Our Expertise? 

Stakeholder engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI or EDI) plus health, safety and wellbeing (HSW).

We’ll combine international experience with a strategic focus to enhance your personal or business performance.

KFV will share 25 years of consulting, change management, coaching and influencing expertise when we collaborate with you.

We’re honest and stick to our word.

Just a few reasons why we are trusted partners to business leaders the world over.

Client quotations:

  • Energy conference, Asia

    We had 10,000 attendees and they were all captivated.

    Energy conference, Asia
  • Pharmaceutical sector

    On her feet for two hours and the audience were engaged throughout.

    Pharmaceutical sector
  • US Energy sector

    She understands the events and shares great stories.

    US Energy sector
  • Construction sector executive

    Fascinating insights. Certainly, made me think differently on these subjects.

    Construction sector executive
  • Water sector executive

    Having read ‘Bias Impacts’ I have garnered masses of tips on leading an inclusive team.

    At the cost, it’s an absolute steal.

    Water sector executive
  • Director Telecoms Sector

    Examining Health, Safety and Wellbeing culture from a strategic perspective was beneficial.

    Identifying the right tactics to address our issues really shifted the dial.

    Director Telecoms Sector
  • Executive Aviation manufacturing

    Understanding human behaviours and how they affect our safety culture was thought provoking.

    Executive Aviation manufacturing
  • Aviation sector, USA

    I really looked forward to the monthly workshops. I learned a great deal.

    Aviation sector, USA
  • IT sector USA

    I developed as a leader during the course of the sessions.

    IT sector USA
  • Executive Oil and Gas industry

    KFV knowledge of leading effectively, especially in uncertain times, was exceptional.

    With such great support, we made a real difference.

    Executive Oil and Gas industry
  • Transformation Coach and Author

    Kanthi is a treasure. Any leadership team would be blessed to have her advising them.

    Transformation Coach and Author
  • ICT executive

    The workshop changed my life. I realised I had treated my team poorly.

    It was unwitting but real.

    ICT executive
  • Manufacturing manager

    They make us think differently about these subjects.

    Manufacturing manager
  • Executive, FMG

    KFV brings a broad range of knowledge and experience based on international working practises.

    Definitely worth spending some time on these aspects when going to new markets.

    Executive, FMG
  • Executive, Pharmaceutical sector

    Their knowledge of INTERNATIONAL cultural nuances combined with an engaging, facilitative style made

    the workshop insightful. The time flew.

    Executive, Pharmaceutical sector
  • Female Executive, UK Energy sector

    Mentoring is something that I would advise everyone to partake in

    especially if Kanthi is your mentor of choice.

    Female Executive, UK Energy sector
  • Executive, Energy sector

    Being able to discuss things that are affecting, impacting or holding me back has been vital.

    Her calm nature and ability to actively listen to the things that are not being said is a true skill. I always look forward to our sessions.

    Executive, Energy sector
  • Executive, Energy

    Kanthi has been mentoring me for a while and I have to say that her wise words,

    support and guidance are invaluable. She has definitely made a significant impact to my development and without her insight, knowledge and pragmatism I’m not sure I would be where I am today.

    Executive, Energy
  • The coaching programme combined with so much business experience was very helpful.

  • Director IT

    You have been a trusted adviser and helped us understand our culture and how we start to make a difference.

    Director IT
  • Director, IT Services

    I never realised my own biases and the way I was showing up.

    Thank you so much for a truly powerful session. I will act differently in future.

    Director, IT Services
  • Events organiser, Construction sector

    Thank you both for coming along and giving such a thought provoking presentation.

    Really good to hear you enjoyed the event and we have had great feedback from the delegates.

    Events organiser, Construction sector
  • Director, Financial services

    NilaKanthi is a person sufficiently qualified, empathy and sympathy are some of her many character features.

    Director, Financial services
  • Director, Telecoms

    You helped me to recognise that to transform the business, we need to do think strategically as well as tactically.

    Thank you for all your time and focus.

    Director, Telecoms
  • Head of Operations, Pharmaceutical Sector

    Thank you so much for another great training session with the team.

    The feedback I have received has AGAIN been really positive and yes, we will make sure to follow up on the stakeholder management actions.

    Head of Operations, Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Director, Energy sector

    While at the Gas Technology Institute, I worked with Kanthi and KFV Consulting.

    GTI is a not-for-profit natural gas research organization and we were developing a strategy to enhance the position of our firm as a global leader in gas production technologies and reducing their environmental impact.

    Kanthi and KFV were innovative partners that helped us reframe our opportunities and enabled effective global networking for us.

    Director, Energy sector
  • Financial services.  USA

    As an American company with extensive global operations setting up in a new location

    was just “business as usual”.  After a year we called NilaKanthi and her team in to intervene and work with our senior team to resolve the breakdowns that seemed to have occurred.

    Financial services. USA
  • H.M.  AIB

    The information NilaKanthi shared gave me some real insights into managing our outsourcing programme.

    I wish we had engaged her prior to the start of the contract.

    H.M. AIB
  • GL , Energy sector, USA

    Nilakanthi and her team really helped us to understand the European and Asian opportunities when,

    as an American company, we were trying to enter new markets.

    GL , Energy sector, USA
  • Automotive start-up

    The coaching programme combined with so much business experience was very helpful.

    In such a short time, we learned loads.

    Automotive start-up
  • Retail, Aer Rianta, Ireland

    NilaKanthi Ford and her team opened up our eyes to working in new locations.

    After our immersion programme I felt highly prepared for the challenge in setting up a new retail operation in India.

    The ongoing coaching helped in dealing with all the daily issues which occurred

    Retail, Aer Rianta, Ireland
  • Agri-business start-up

    Ella NilaKanthi Ford changed my life” - She walked into my office on a day when I did not know which way to turn,

    she helped me see that I could resolve all the issues that were overwhelming me and my business

    Agri-business start-up
  • PB.  IT Start-up Aviation

    Ella NilaKanthi Ford coached me to develop a marketing plan that really delivers results.

    PB. IT Start-up Aviation

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