Bias Impacts: How culture and diversity affect the leadership journey a D,E,I guide for leaders. It examines

  • Issues created by unconscious bias
  • Explores the role of an empathic leader
  • Discusses internal cultures
  • Shares ways to manage uncertainty

Authors Kanthi Ford and Patrick Ricketts combine insights into our own diverse professional experiences with simple, concepts that are fundamental to leading inclusively today.

They ask reflective questions to enable you to consider some situations in a different light and suggest actions that may help shift behaviours or understand the perspectives of others.

 “All cultures are different, but leadership is about understanding context, being clear about our personal biases and celebrating both similarity and difference. All aspects of cultural diversity intersect and there are multiple distinctions to be aware of.”

Performance Edge: Using a brain-based leadership approach to transform culture, accelerate performance, and bring out the best in people an actionable business journal. It includes a compilation of articles to address culture transformation, performance acceleration and ways to bring out the best in people and teams.

Topics include:

  • Tribal leadership
  • Working across cultures
  • Performance management


  • Construction sector executive

    Fascinating insights. Certainly, made me think differently on these subjects.

    Construction sector executive
  • Water sector executive

    Having read ‘Bias Impacts’ I have garnered masses of tips on leading an inclusive team.

    At the cost, it’s an absolute steal.

    Water sector executive

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