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KFV Consulting:

  • Conduct interviews to gain perspective
  • Facilitate workshops to create insights
  • Advise on strategic interventions
  • Analyse stakeholders
  • Enable influencing
  • Intervene behaviourally
  • Develop presentation and leadership competencies
  • Coach and mentor

Client quotations:

  • Aviation sector, USA

    I really looked forward to the monthly workshops. I learned a great deal.

    Aviation sector, USA
  • IT sector USA

    I developed as a leader during the course of the sessions.

    IT sector USA
  • Executive Oil and Gas industry

    KFV knowledge of leading effectively, especially in uncertain times, was exceptional.

    With such great support, we made a real difference.

    Executive Oil and Gas industry
  • Transformation Coach and Author

    Kanthi is a treasure. Any leadership team would be blessed to have her advising them.

    Transformation Coach and Author
  • Director, Financial services

    NilaKanthi is a person sufficiently qualified, empathy and sympathy are some of her many character features.

    Director, Financial services
  • Director, Telecoms

    You helped me to recognise that to transform the business, we need to do think strategically as well as tactically.

    Thank you for all your time and focus.

    Director, Telecoms

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